by Wild Year

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released February 1, 2016

released February 26th 2016

Mixed & Mastered by Will Volkmann @ One Room Studios
Additional recording by Alex Estrad @ The Earth Capitol

Cole Morrall: Vocals
Hunter Gurney: Guitar
Ajay Awasthi: Drums
Asher Young: Keyboards
Will Volkmann: Bass/Vocals

Additional vocals by Sergio Still

Album art by: The Captain



all rights reserved


Wild Year Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Everything Is Fine
in heaven
everything is fine
Track Name: Talk Radio
don't you ever feel that you'll just fall apart
with all your heart
it always seems that what you're holding onto
won't let you play
you won't let it sway

Hey now
sing it like the old way
show it with the new play

By now
you'll feel it with the new fame
even though we'll die anyway

ya tell me that the stars are the reason
for why you've won
you know it's your turn to make a killing
so thrilling to start
straight into your heart
Track Name: Foolish Waves II
my eyes have finally stopped burning
and your grasp is starting to slide

my arms fully out reaching
this mess finally died

so tell me again how it felt
there's no one here
to brush aside
it's ok to pretend

you tell me it had to be this way
like dark at the end of the day

no sense in mourning the foolish
the waves have pulled back with the tide

looking for something to demolish
comfort in learning to hide
Track Name: Setting Yourself On Fire
none of us are what we seem
you're still talking with out sleep
pictures of me will burn in your hands
you still tell me this was my plan

won't you crash into
what you think you see
you will crash in two
all the lights that shine ahead in time
don't believe

hard to see you, when you can't see yourself
but In your sleep, you turn to someone else
when you wake, you can't shake, all those dreams
the lights are always, brighter than they seems
Track Name: Troublemaker
when I wake up, been gone for a long time
when I've forgot, I've got to hit rewind
I'll show you how we'll waltz down on Main Street
draw me a line and I'll prove it all wrong

hold on hold on
don't hold off, hold on

are we still young enough to dance?
my troublemaker understands
In the air we'll try and dance
shoot their arrows through our hands

searching for a way out of last year
carefully we'll claw a common enemy
the echoes don't sound the same way here
know that look, are you still imagining
Track Name: The Failure Of Sleep
sleep for days
wish you away

don't you say you'll hold me close
if you're trying so hard to sleep
you'll just drag it out
force it back down on me

it's hard enough to hold you up
it's hard enough not to show you love

I'll have to let you go
making time move slow

welcome to your best regrets
let them wrapped up inside
there's no turning back
we'll be found after dawn

the way the sun dies at night
the way your dreams lose the fight
I'll bet you 'll tell me you've never been surprised before
you won't need to
you won't want to
all those nights will have to go
Track Name: Long Way Down or Knowing The Difficulty Of Standing Still
it's payback i know i know
but i've settled too many time to believe in you
you cried wolf
so many times before

hold on to
our drowning youth
hold on to
the long way down

take back I would I could
we would've fallen hard for the easy score
i cried wolf
so many times before

tell me tell me
are you happy
come back come back
i feel it falling
i'm the cold heart
does it seem like our smallest thoughts
are our biggest lies
Track Name: Cutting Teeth On Broken Hearts
it always had to go this way
these nights get cold
and I've been told
to endure this kind of feeling

it fell when we started to stray
we broke the mold
as we've been told
let's endure this kind of feeling

i can't help
you can't help
our bitter hearts are just the same

then the night will come again
it'll fade away
more shades of gray
memories of then and now will end

young blood has its ways
here it comes
and there it goes
minutes will burn and fade to days

i'll close my eyes
try to give up the ghost
just close my eyes
so I can't feel you close

everyone thinks it's the time that we're in
but i'll never feel like i'm safe in my skin
and all of the things we gave up for our sins
they're gone
they're gone
Track Name: Creatures (Mainly Pretty Creepy)
it's not a glamour profession
it's a tiny surrender
always ready for action
a counterfeit pleasure

reaching out
starting to doubt

these eyes keep scheming of
these yes keep missing love
fear poured from where i stood
filled with what i could

reaching out
starting to doubt
the reasons why

is it better without them
keeps me inside
is this how it works
all but invisible
all invisible

head on the floor
let it slide in
tiny increments

and i'll try reaching out
Track Name: Adventurous
i feel it on my soles when we're just starting
we fell into the dark without first looking
lets speak the truth and hope we don't just turn off
I'll try and toe the line until it all unwinds

and I find
in sunshine
i rewind
the hard times
but day dreams
and night scenes
and breakdowns
can only last so long

after the beauty of our youth has faded
our memories will blur and dull to a static
we'll push and fight with all our first impressions
make light of all the pain when it over and now...
Track Name: Foolish Waves III
is it right to think about how this can go away
in the light we know the end can only go one way

when I know I don't, I want you to stay
the waves keep coming up fast
they're crashing today

It feels like never ending
It feels like never ending

but it's okay
i'm not waving but drowning
but I'm okay
i'm not waving but drowning

with these things that I've done, I've gone away
i keep blurring the truth,
pretend its okay

it feels like never ending
tell me cuz It feels like never ending
and my heart keeps slipping through your sling
cuz it feels like, it feels like, it feels like
but it's ok
Track Name: Eternal Youth
someone once told me hope is for the young
i still have no idea what I'm doing
i should've known better
these thoughts are a fantasy

is it a dream to be alone with you
without my thoughts scratching at the door
it may be too late
ive got nothing left to prove
ive got nothing left to do
nothing left to loose